Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is DAISMUN Fall Conference 2021 & DAISMUN XII?

A: Date to be determined.


Q: What is the procedure followed in DAISMUN?

A: Click Here to see our MUN conference procedure with bilingual language version (English and Chinese)

Q: What is the official language of DAISMUN Conferences?

A: The conference will be conducted in English.


Q: What are the committes and topics for DAISMUN Fall Conference?

A: The DAISMUN Fall conference committees and topics can be found in the Committees and Topics tab on our website.

Q: Who can attend DAISMUN Fall Conference 2021 & DAISMUN XII?

A: DAISMUN Fall Conference 2021 will be open for both high school and middle school students with no specific requirements. However, DAISMUN Fall conference will ONLY be open to DAIS MUN Students.
DAISMUN XII is open to all schools in CHINA (Due to COVID-19 protocol). Students must attend as a part of a teacher-led delegation from their school.

Q: What is the theme for the DAISMUN Fall Conference 2021 and DAISMUN XII?

A: The theme for DAISMUN Fall Conference 2021 and DAISMUN XII will be decided soon.



Q: How do I register for DAISMUN XII?

A: Go to page Registration and send your school's registration informations.

Q: What is the registration deadline?

A: Date to be determined.


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