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Hotel Information


Please let the hotel you are booking with know that it is for Dalian American International School MUN Conference in order to receive discounted rates.  

Discoveryland Hotel: They are not in business during the winter, so the prices for hotel rooms aren't settled until February. They will be offering a discount.

Approximate Price: 350 RMB/double room

Tel: 0411-87901666

Tangjingze Japanese Hotspring Resort:

Approximate Price: 1338 RMB/double room (without hotspring)

1718 RMB/triple room (without hotspring)

Tel: 0411-65874777


Approximate Price:

Price: 680 RMB/ double room, 800 RMB/ triple room
Tel: 400-820-3011

2 Dianchi Road; Golden Pebble Beach

Dalian Jinzhou New District

Dalian, P.R. China 116650


If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the following box or email bryan.mcloughlin@daischina.net or

Address (English)


2 Dianchi Road; Golden Pebble Beach


Dalian Jinzhou New District


Dalian, P.R. China 116650


Address (Chinese PinYin)



2 Dianchi Lu; Jinshitan


Dalian Jinzhou Xinqu


Dalian, Zhongguo 116650


Temperature usually ranges from 1°C (34°F) to 9°C (48°F) in March. 

The Standard Electricity Supply is usually 220 Volts, 50 Hz. Make sure to bring your own chargers and adapters to the conference.

Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province, China. 

​Famous Sites Near School

Golden Pebble Beach

The Golden Pebble Beach is a national  AAAAA-class tourist resort and attraction located only 10 minutes away from Dalian American International School. It is a famous national geological park once rated by CNN as one of China's top 40 most scenic attractions. 

Address: 大连市金州区金石滩国家旅游度假区

Jinshi Beach National Tourism Resort, Jinzhou District, Dalian

​Discovery Kingdom Theme Park
The Discovery Kingdom Theme Park is built around a circular enormous lake divided into seven themed areas: Crazy Town, Mysterious Desert, Metal Factory, Magic Forest, Legendary Castle, Wedding Hall, and American Avenue. The park involves many large and medium-sized rides suitable for all ages located only 10 minutes away from Dalian American International School. 
Address: 中国大连金石滩国家旅游度假区金石路36号
36 Jinshi Road, Jinshi Beach National Tourist Resort, Dalian, China

​Golden Pebble Beach Expo Plaza

There are several museums located together in the Golden Pebble Beach Cultural Expo Plaza including the Golden Wax Museum (金石蜡像馆), Fantasy Art Experience Museum (奇幻艺术体验馆), Museum of the Mysteries of Life (生命奥秘博物馆), Golden Pebble Beach Cultural Expo (金石滩文化博览馆), etc. The plaza is 15 minutes away from Dalian American International School with ticket packages available for sale. 

Address:  大连市金州区金石路65号

65 Jinshi Road, Jinzhou District, Dalian

​Famous Sites In Dalian

Tiger Beach

The Tiger Beach is located in the middle of Dalian's southern seafront, it is the largest scenic spot in the southern part of the city as well as China's largest seaside park. The park has 5 basic venues: Ocean Park, Sea Animal Pavilion, Coral Pavilion, Joy Theatre, Bird Forest, as well as four-dimensional cinema, pirate village, aerial sea-view ropeway, and other entertainments. 

​Address: 大连市中山区滨海中路9号

9 Marina Zhonglu, Zhongshan, Dalian

​Xinghai Square

The Xinghai Plaza is located in the southern coastal scenic area of Dalian and it's Asia's largest city square, built to commemorate the return of Hong Kong. The Square is surrounded by a large musical fountain and memorial sculptures. Northbound from the central square is the Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center, which is a modern building with exhibitions, conferences, trade, finance, and entertainment. A stunning castle hotel and amusement parks are also located near the square, which is one of Dalian's must-see attractions.

Address: 辽宁省大连市沙河口区中山路578号

578 Zhongshan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province

DongGang Business District

The DongGang Business district involves a combination of business, finance, entertainment, culture, sport, and tourism with major sites including the International Convention Center, Oriental Venice Water City, Snack Street, Music Fountain, and the Pauley Theatre. 

Suggested time for visit is during dawn or in the evenings. It is recommended to visit around the evening for best experiences. 

Address: 辽宁省大连市中山区港浦路与人民东路交汇处

The intersection of Hongkong Pu Road and People's East Road in Zhongshan, Dalian, Liaoning Province

Bangchui Island

The Bangchui Island is located in the eastern section of Dalian Binhai Road, about 5 kilometers southeast of Dalian City. It's a great site to relax and enjoy the stunning sceneries of mountains, seas, islands, and beaches. Bangchui Island is also one of the shooting locations for the famous TV show Keep Running 《奔跑吧》 as well as a place where many famous political leaders have visited. 

​Address: 大连市迎宾路一号

1 Welcome Road, Dalian

Welcome to Dalian~ The city

of Romance and Joy!